Vocal Dimension's Unsung Champion

At this yearís virtual regional convention in May, we were delighted to nominate Claire Miskin as Vocal Dimensionís Unsung Champion.

Claire serves as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator on Vocal Dimensionís Management Team, and this is the main reason for her nomination. She has worked tirelessly to keep VDCís online presence alive during the pandemic, pulling together and editing numerous videos and photos to an amazingly high standard.


She devises clever posters for upcoming events, makes sure the chorus is ever-present on social media and produces professional souvenir books which showcase the high points of our chorus life. Everything she does is delivered with enthusiasm and creativity, and nothing is ever too much for her. We are so lucky to have her in the chorus!

Vocal Dimensionís Director, Valerie Taylor, said of Claire: "She has worked tirelessly and cheerfully throughout the last year on VDCís videos, photos, social media and other publicity material, in spite of her own challenges during the year. Without her, we wouldnít have the wealth of material we can share with the world. She is definitely an unsung champion for VDC."